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Honda ST1300 Handlebar Risers

The risers are placed between the fork crown and the handlebars to raise the bars up 1 1/4" (32mm) and back 1" (25mm). This will help to relieve wrist and neck pain on long rides. Requires no change of any control cables, wiring, or hoses.
-ST1300 2003-current

Item no.H101

Retail: $139.95 (PLUS shipping)

Today's Sale Price: $129.95

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  • Installation Instructions
    Application Chart Diagrams Application
    2003 Honda ST 1300
    2004 Honda ST 1300
    2005 Honda ST 1300
    2006 Honda ST 1300
    2007 Honda ST 1300
    2008 Honda ST 1300
    2009 Honda ST 1300
    2010 Honda ST 1300
    2011 Honda ST 1300
    2012 Honda ST 1300
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    Risers intalled on 2003 Honda ST1300

    WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
    The Q&A on this Product
    QUESTION:  Do these risers fit a 2010 ST1300? Thanks. Jim
    ANSWER:  The H-101 risers will fit the 2010 ST1300.
    QUESTION:  Hi Scott, I live in South Africa and are looking for the Honda ST1300 handlebar risers. Would you be able to ship this to SA and what would the cost be? An answer would be appreciated. Thanks. Lynne Bindeman
    QUESTION:  Hi, I'm very interested in getting the risers. How much would shipping be to Canada, Postal Code N3R 7S7? Thanks
    QUESTION:  Is the price for the set as pictured or for each bar?
    ANSWER:  Hi, The listed price is for a complete set of bar risers. Thank you, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  how much is the shipment to singapore?
    QUESTION:  do you or anyone else make lowering kits for the 2009 honda st 1300
    ANSWER:  We currently do not offer a lowering kit for the 09 ST1300. Sorry we couldn't help you out. Thanks for the inquiry, Scott-Genmar
    QUESTION:  I have a 2008 ST 1300. I am getting the burning/stinging between my shoulder blades. I do not know if I need them back or up. I think back would help. What do you think? Thank you.
    ANSWER:  Most likely you will need a little of both. The raise in height takes the weight off your hands and the pullback keeps you from slumping over. Thanks for the inquiry, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  Do you ship to Turkey? If so do you have any idea on the cost? Thank you
    QUESTION:  You need to update your shipping prices. I've recently ordered the risers on the 27th Jan. and the shipping cost was $24.74. and not $9.50 as stated. The risers were shipped on the 6th Feb. but I still hav'nt received them. Any update ?. Order no. 43465. Terry.
    QUESTION:  Do you ship to Canada(Ontario)? If so do you have any idea on the cost? Thank you
    QUESTION:  will you shio to the UK? if so how much will the carriage be ?
    QUESTION:  I just purchased a Honda 1300 VTX MotorTrike. The seats were not very comfortable so I ordered and installed ultimate seats. They are great, but now there is another problem. I am 5 ft 5 and can not reach the handle bars, clutch, accelerator and brake. I need help choosing a riser that will get the handlebars close to me so I can sit on the seat properly and rest against the backrest instead of perching up on the tank to steer, and getting a huge backache. Can you advise?
    ANSWER:  Hi, Our H-10 risers will raise the bars up 2 1/2" and get them back toward the rider 1 5/8". Thanks for the inquiry, Scott-Genmar
    QUESTION:  can this item be shipped via UPS,,,,,,,,,,,,Mike
    ANSWER:  Hi Mike, We can ship via UPS. Thank you, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  Hi, I have a ST1300 and almost like the handle bars as they are. Just wish they came back about an inch. Don't need them up just back.. I understand how yours works. Just waned to know. GenMar comes up 1 1/4 and back 3/4, Heli up 2 and back 1. So the leverage on the Heli would be greater. Meaning GenMar would be stronger?
    ANSWER:  Hi, We haven't tested the Heli product so I can't be a good judge if our risers are stronger than theirs. However, our risers are essentially as strong as stock when installed properly. Thanks for the inquiry, Scott-genmar
    QUESTION:  HI, I have a 2005 ST1300 and I am looking for handlebar risers that will straighten out, move them away so my wrists are straight. All the risers I have found bring the bars closer which will make the angle worse. DO you have anything that will help? Thanks Tony
    ANSWER:  Hi Tony, Our risers will raise the bars up 1 1/4" and back about 3/4" but the handlebars stay at the same stock angle. It is tought to change the stock handlebar angle without changing the handlebar itself. Sorry we couldn't help you out. Thanks for the inquiry, Scott-Genmar
    QUESTION:  How it gonna cost to ship to CANADA !
    QUESTION:  Is this item manufactured by Gen-Mar? Do the risers come with a complete set of instructions?
    ANSWER:  Hi, The H-101 risers are made here at GenMar. The risers do come with instructions that are easy to follow. Thank you, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  Hello, I have a 2004 ST-1300. .I travel all over North America. Ideally, I would like 6" risers knowing I would have to get all new cables; clutch, brake, throttle, wiring extension..Do you have or would you MAKE 6" risers? Will you sell or direct me to Handlebars (swept back, curved in I could buy? Cables and wiring extensions or some PORTION of this list? I am a very loyal customer with money so please take me quite seriously. This is urgent as I'd like to get this done before I'm off to Maine from San Diego very soon. Thanks, Andy in San Diego
    ANSWER:  Hi Andy, We are not able to produce a 6" riser for the ST1300. We currently do not carry the aluminum thick enough to proudce the H-101s 6" thick. Another problem that we would run into is finding the bolts long enough to mount the risers. Also, an 8mm bolt 7" long is not capable of handling the leverage at the handlebars. For liability reasons, we would not be able to manufacture this product for you. Thanks for the inquiry, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  I have a "new" 2006 ST1300 and am considering a set of your risers. How difficult is installation - is it something I should have my dealer perform or can someone who is not tool-phobic manage it on their own??? What might be the estimated time to complete and are any specialized tools required?
    ANSWER:  Hi, The installation process for the risers is very easy. It is not something that a mechanic should do. You will not have to reroute or change any of the control cables. It is a simple, bolt-on installation. You will not need any specialized tools. Installation time is around 15-20 minutes. Thank you, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  I purchased the heli riser but I still lean forward too much, what options can you provide for me on my ST1300
    ANSWER:  Our H-101 risers will raise the bars up 1 1/4" and get them back about 3/4" due to the angle they come up on. Thanks for the inquiry, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  I ordered bar risers for my ST1500 on or about 11-13-06 and haven't received them yet. My order number is 18904. How soon are they comming?
    QUESTION:  Will this riser fit the 2006 ST 1300?
    ANSWER:  Hi, Our H-101 risers will fit the 06 Honda ST1300. Thanks for the inquiry, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  hi have you got riser in stock and what is total cost including p+p to the uk best regards tommy.
    ANSWER:  Hi, We do have the H-101 risers in stock and shipping to the UK is $10.00. Thank you, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  Do you ship (free) to the UK?
    ANSWER:  Hi, We do ship to the UK but it is not free. Shipping to the UK is $9.50 for global priority. Thank you, Scott-GenMar
    QUESTION:  Who manufactures this part and do you feel that it is superior to the Heli? Thanks, Doug
    ANSWER:  Hi Doug, We make the risers here at GenMar Mfg. Our risers raise the bars more than Heli but their risers bring the bars back more. Our risers are powder coated to match the handlebars and theirs are not. Their product and ours are both high quality. It depends on the rider and where your discomfort is comming from. Thanks for the inquiry, Scott-GenMar
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