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TiteBike Windshield - KAWASAKI CONCOURS ZG 1000 1986-2007

OEM Measurements 18.5" Height, 21" Width

TiteBike replacement windshield for KAWASAKI CONCOURS ZG 1000 1986-2007 Models is available in shorter, taller and wider sizes than the stock original windscreen. TiteBike offers: 17" - 27" Height, 21" - 24" Width. We can manufacture the windshield according to your body size, as we follow similar lines and contours as the Kawasaki (OEM) original windscreen. It does not have a reverse contour as the original shield. Beautifully handcrafted from 0.187 (3/16") thick cast military aircraft grade acrylic, specified for optical clarity. Available in Clear and Light Gray. All shields are D.O.T. approved and are manufactured to order. Edges are hand ground and polished. All holes are CNC drilled to match the factory specifications. Height is measured along the center line of windshield and width at approximately 14" up from the bottom center.


  • Windscreen is not painted at the bottom portion as the Kawasaki original (OEM).
  • Windscreen will not fit properly the 2004 model.
This item usually takes about 5 days to ship
Item no.KAW01012

Retail: $170.00 (PLUS shipping)

Today's Sale Price: $155.95
Application Chart Diagrams Application
1986 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A1:CONCOURS
1995 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A10:CONCOURS
1996 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A11:CONCOURS
1997 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A12:CONCOURS
1998 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A13:CONCOURS
1999 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A14:CONCOURS
2000 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A15:CONCOURS
2001 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A16:CONCOURS
2002 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A17:CONCOURS
2003 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A18:CONCOURS
2004 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A19:CONCOURS
1987 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A2:CONCOURS
2005 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A20:CONCOURS
1988 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A3:CONCOURS
1989 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A4:CONCOURS
1990 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A5:CONCOURS
1991 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A6:CONCOURS
1992 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A7:CONCOURS
1993 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A8:CONCOURS
1994 Kawasaki ZG 1000 A9:CONCOURS
2007 Kawasaki ZG 1000 CONCOURS
2006 Kawasaki ZG 1000 Councours
Options Price
Light Gray Add $10.00
17'' Tall included
18'' Tall included
19'' Tall Add $5.00
20'' Tall Add $10.00
21'' Tall Add $15.00
22'' Tall Add $20.00
23'' Tall Add $25.00
24'' Tall Add $30.00
25'' Tall Add $35.00
26'' Tall Add $40.00
27'' Tall Add $50.00
Stock Height included
21'' Wide included
22'' Wide Add $5.00
23'' Wide Add $10.00
24'' Wide Add $15.00
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This item ships FREE to the contiguous 48 United States.
WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  Do you have a sample picture of a 27"tall and 24"wide grey or clear shield on an actual Kawasaki Connie? When reading through the comments I noticed that the angle affects the height compared to OEM. How many vertical inches is the 27" taller than the OEM when installed?
ANSWER:  Thank you for the interest in our product, we don\'t have any actual pictures from KAW01012, I will ask production to do a drawing for the windshield. I will send you the drawing so you can see exactly how it will look and the exact vertical inches a 27\"tall will have. Please contact me if you have any further questions. (909)634-8548 and my email address is info@7jurock.com
QUESTION:  Hello, What is reverse contour mean? Thank you Steve
ANSWER:  "Reverse contour" refers to the top of the windshield, where it is bent slightly forward (away from the rider). That is done to try to push the wind higher than the standard design in hopes to receive more wind protection than the standard design.
QUESTION:  hi do you have any pictures of the windshied clear on a 1999 kawaskai concours im wondering if i can use my stock screws to install the windshield and is there anypromblem with scratching and discoloration is it dot approved thanks
ANSWER:  We do have a picture of the clear, you might want to send us your email address, so that we can send you a picture. You can always use the same hardware to install your new replacement windshield. This item is made from acrylic wich has better optics and does not discoloror delaminates as the lexan OEM.
QUESTION:  does the fairing from 1986 kawasaki concours fit the 1999 kawasaki concours and also the side fairings too if they fit from 1986 to 1999
QUESTION:  Can you explain more about the gaps at the bottom that will happen on the 2004 model? Are the gaps between the flat surfaces between the shield and the body or between the edge of the fairing and the body (like it is too short). Maybe you have a picture? Thanks, Troy R.
ANSWER:  Troy there is not really much of a difference, however for some reason for the 2004 model windshield won't fit properly sometimes, this issue accurs only on few 2004 model. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  do u have pictures of the windshield (clear) on a 1999 kawaskai concour and are there in stores in the chicago or indiana area that sell windshield (clear)for a 1999 kawaskai concour
ANSWER:  Yes, we have pictures. You might want to send us an email address where we can send you the pictures. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  I have a 93 concours with stock shield. I am 6:1 what shield size would be best if you want to just look over the top of the shield when riding.
ANSWER:  This windshield does not have any flip as the original. We recommend 24.5" or 25.5" version. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  hi i have a 1988 concour 1000 with a rifel ? whatever the aperance of the windshield is diferent than your stock picture do you make this windshield if so im 6 foot 1 what windshield do you recomend also do you have a red tint option thanks
ANSWER:  This windshield fits the bike's fairing just like the original. At 6' 1' height we would recommend the 26.5" version. We only offer this windscreen in clear and light gray tint. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  Do you know what is different on the 2004 than every other year the bike was made?
ANSWER:  There is really not a different, however for some reason this windshield won't fit properly on the 2004 model. The upper fairing of the concours did NOT change at all over the years. In fact, all the upper fairing were made on the same mold and on the same assembly line in the late 80's and Kawasaki just painted them different colors over the years. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  You say the shield will not properly fit a 2004 Concours yet you list a 2004 application. Which is it?
ANSWER:  We are saying that this windshield will not fit properly, it means that only for this year the bottom portion of the windshield will not fit properly, that it will be some gaps between the windshield and the fairing. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  I recently purchased a windshield for my 1999 Kawasaki Concours from Titebike. My plan was to replace the stock 18.5 inch with a taller windshield that I could look through so I ordered a +4"taller and +2" wider. The problem is,due to the angle of the windshield,the +4" is the same height as the stock windshield. I am more than happy with the quality and finish of the unit but I'm dissapointed with the fact that I am still looking over the windshield. Perhaps a note in the product description that the 18.5" stock unit is approximated by a +4" Titebike windshield Thank You. Kenneth Crawford 317 Westview Palmyra, Mo. 63461
ANSWER:  Thank you!
QUESTION:  Hello, Looking at purchasing a 1988 concours and it has a windscreen that I have to look thru when riding. My previous cruisers had a windscreen that I actually looked over. I ask this question as I was wondering if it is okay and/or advisible to look thru a helmet shield and then a windscreen if caught traveling in rainy conditions. I'm 5'5" should I be getting a shorter windscreen. What would size you recommend? The screen on the bike currently is flawless, It just seems too tall. Jim
ANSWER:  We can always manufacture a shorter windscreen for you, may be a 17" or 17.5" tall. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  Hi. I would like to know if I can purchase this screen -1'' Shorter and +2'' wider than stock. I read that you cannot make it wider if the screen is shorter but I am not sure. Please advice.
ANSWER:  We might be able to manufacture this windshield for you, please contact Roy at 877 406-0053. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  What are the advantages of your 27" windshield vs Cee Bailey's?
ANSWER:  Our windshield does not have any flip or reverse contour at the top therefore it has an excellent clear vision, most windscreen with reverse contour always have some kind of distortion. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  How does the light gray tint effect night vision?
ANSWER:  The light gray does not affect night vision, it only has approx. 15% tint, it's almost like the clear. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  Hello from France ! Please what could be the shipping cost to France for a +2" wider & +3" taller clear windscreen concerning a A9 1000 kawa concours 1994 ? And total price too... Thanks a lot, regards from Serge
ANSWER:  Dear Serge the shipping cost to France is around $85.00 USD. Thank tou for your inquire.
QUESTION:  What high of windscreen do you recommend for my 1986 Kawasaki ZG 1000?, My hight is 192cm and i like to get out of the windstream and its loud noise.
ANSWER:  According to your height we would recommend the 26.5" tall. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  Hi, I am interested in Item no. KAW01012, 3" wider than stock, clear in color, and either 8" or 9" taller than stock. Three questions: 1) How much higher than stock would you recommend given I am six feet tall, but my girlfriend's head comes a few inches higher than mine when she sits behind me? I am thinking either 8" or 9" taller, but I am unsure. 2) How does this item compare in quality and finish to Cee Bailey's windscreens? Is the "flip" the only difference? 3) Given the busy schedule of my motorcycle dealer, I would need this item to arrive no later than Thursday, April 30. Is that possible if I order it today? Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.
ANSWER:  We recommend +9" taller. We use polycast aircraft grade acrylic to manufacture our products, which offers excellent optics. If you want your replacement windshield at your place by Thursday (4-30-09) you will need to pay an additional $20.00. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  Does your Titebike Windshield have a curved edge at the top? I believe the curve on the OEM windshield caused the bike to shimmy when following a truck on the interstate. I have a Rifle Windshield on my other Connie and the shimmy stopped. I want too try one of your windshields if possible. Thanks, Dennis
ANSWER:  Dennis, our windshield does not have any curve at the top. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  i want a windshield for my connie (1999 kaw concours) that is only one inch higher than the highest mounting bolt
ANSWER:  Sorry, we do not manufacture this kind of windshield. Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  i want a shorter windshield than stock
ANSWER:  Yes, you can order a shorter windshield. What size are looking for? Thank you for your inquire.
QUESTION:  Dear 1 Tail, I purchased this windscreen for my 2000 Kawasaki Concours back in April. Since the initial install I found it necessary to remove the windscreen to accomplish other maintenance. I have bee unable to locate the torque specs for proper installation. Could you please provide me with the sequence and final torque spec for that windscreen? Thanks for your assistance. Sincerely, Kevin Chaffin
ANSWER:  CAUTION - READ BEFORE INSTALLATION To install the windshield, a calibrated torque wrench in inch(not foot) pounds must be used. Torque fasteners to approximately 4 numeric or 35 inch pounds. WARNING: Over torquing the fasteners may cause the windshield to develop stress cracks.
QUESTION:  Hello, I am looking for a short (summer time) replacement shield for my 2006 Kawasaki Concours ZG1000. There use to be a couple of manufacturers out there that had the "sport" shield option but no longer do. This shield is very short, just clearing the top of the fairing about 2 to 3 inches or so. There was also an option that you could get it clear, tinted, dark tinted and opac (solid black). Can/do you offer these options and this shield? I am attaching a link to Ebay that currently has a shield similar to what I am looking for, just scroll thru the pictures to see them. Did not realize I could not post a link with questions so I'll just give you the Ebay listing number: 120239235790 Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon, Scott
ANSWER:  We do not manufacture this kind of sport shield, and we only offer clear and light gray. Thank you for your inquire.
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