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Jardine Passenger Floorboards Yamaha 650 V-Star (98-10)

Designed for more passenger comfort than a footpeg, these billet aluminum floorboards mount directly to the footrest bracket , and match the front Mini Floorboards.

Item no.56-2001-01

Retail: $230.00 (PLUS shipping)

This item is currently not available for sale. This page is made available for informational purposes only.
Application Chart Diagrams Application
1998 Yamaha V-Star 650
1999 Yamaha V-Star 650
2000 Yamaha V-Star 650
2001 Yamaha V-Star 650
2002 Yamaha V-Star 650
2003 Yamaha V-Star 650
2004 Yamaha V-Star 650
2005 Yamaha V-Star 650
1998 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
1999 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
2000 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
2001 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
2002 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
2003 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
2004 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
2005 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
2006 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
2007 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
2008 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Classic
1998 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
1999 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2000 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2001 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2002 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2003 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2004 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2005 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2006 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2007 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2008 Yamaha V-STAR 650 Custom
2007 Yamaha XV 1100 V-Star Classic
2008 Yamaha XV 1100 V-Star Classic
1996 Yamaha XV 1300 Royal Star
1997 Yamaha XV 1300 Royal Star
1998 Yamaha XV 1300 Royal Star
1999 Yamaha XV 1300 Royal Star
2000 Yamaha XV 1300 Royal Star
1998 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-STAR CUSTOM
1999 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
1999 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2000 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2001 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2001 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2002 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2003 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2003 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2004 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2005 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2005 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-Star Custom
2006 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-STAR CUSTOM
2007 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-STAR CUSTOM
2008 Yamaha XVS 1100 V-STAR CUSTOM
1996 Yamaha XVS 1100V Star
1997 Yamaha XVS 1100V Star
1998 Yamaha XVS 1100V Star
1999 Yamaha XVS 1100V Star
2000 Yamaha XVS 1100V Star
This item is a SPECIAL ORDER - Once placed, the order cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged.

Designed for more passenger comfort than a footpeg, these billet aluminum floorboards mount directly to the footrest bracket , and match the front Mini Floorboards. The Passenger Floorboards are also designed to fold up like passenger pegs so they are completely out of the way when not in use. Available for most popular cruisers

WARNING: Laws concerning this product vary from state/province to state/province. Your state/province may prohibit its use on public roads or restrict its use to novelty, show use, off-road areas, or race facility areas only. In some states/provinces off-road uses are also prohibited. The manufacturer and retailer assume no responsibility for any use or application of this product in violation of any applicable law. Before installing this product, please check your state/provincial and local/municipal laws and regulations.
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